Tuesday, 30 December 2014

On The Wrong Track - Peter Gøtzsche - Psychiatric Epidemic - 14 May, 2014, Copenhagen Video

"Published on Jun 10, 2014
Dr. Peter C. Gøtzsche is the head of the Nordic Cochrane Center. His book, "Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime" was published last year. Peter is speaking here at PsykoVision's conference on The Psychiatric Epidemic in Copenhagen."


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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

'Young children given hyperactivity drugs ‘against NICE guidance’' PULSE

'Young children given hyperactivity drugs ‘against NICE guidance’', Caroline Price, 22 December 2014, PULSE:

"Pre-school children are being prescribed drugs such as ritalin for hyperactivity, contrary to NICE guidelines, warn child psychologists who say under-funding of child services is to blame.

Researchers found more than a fifth (22%) of educational psychologists were aware of pre-school children taking stimulant medications – despite NICE guidelines saying children under five should not be prescribed them.

The study based on a survey of 136 educational psychologists working in the UK, was carried out by researchers from the Division of Education and Child Psychology (DECP) at the British Psychological Society, and the Institute of Education at the University of London,

The staff surveyed said pressures on child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) meant children were not being properly assessed, and there was a rush to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with medications rather than trying psychological interventions first, as NICE advises.

Our biggest difficulty is that CAMHS and paediatric teams are so short staffed they go straight to medication and completely ignore NICE guidance,’ a DECP briefing said.

The survey also found educational psychologists felt that ‘intolerance of difference’ and ‘medical models of childhood’ were influencing how children’s learning and behaviour are viewed.

Psychologists were quoted as saying: ‘There is an increasingly prevalent view in society that people who do not fit a particular environment must have something wrong with them.’

The briefing was produced in preparation for the DECP’s annual conference being held in early January, when the DECP ‘medicalisation working group’ will publish a position paper and professional practice guidelines on the diagnosis and management of ADHD.

It comes after Pulse found GPs were struggling to refer children with behavioural or emotional problems for proper assessment at CAMHS following cuts to child mental health budgets, amid plans to make even further cutbacks."

Monday, 15 December 2014

Reblog: NHS Tayside – Update on Registers of Interest for all staff, Dr Peter J Gordon

NHS Tayside – Update on Registers of Interest for all staff Hole Ousia blog post by @PeterDLROW:

Ms Lesley McLay
Chief Executive,
Tayside Board Headquarters,
Level 10,
Ninewells Hospital and Medical School,

15th December 2014

Dear Ms McLeay,
I am writing to seek further update on NHS Tayside’s compliance with HDL(2003)62. I am concerned that NHS Tayside do not seem to be fully complying with this Scottish Government Guidance. I shall briefly set out what NHS Tayside has confirmed on this matter.

I first wrote to NHS Tayside about this in February 2013. This was part of writing to all 22 NHS Boards in Scotland.

I was told: “I wish to confirm that NHS Tayside will have a commercial sponsorship register available in a format suitable for being made public by week ending 31 January 2014.” 

NHS Tayside supplied a PDF file entitled “Public Record of Sponsorship”. I can find no link to this on the NHS Tayside website. Perhaps I may not be looking in the correct place? This is a screenshot of, what seems to be, the relevant NHS Tayside page. It links ONLY to BOARD members interests:


The “Public Record of Sponsorship” has 16 entries by individual employees of NHS Tayside (as some individuals have made several entries). 16 entries from 2011 to the end of 2013. This is a surprisingly small number. There were only two staff entries in 2012.

The “Public Record of Sponsorship” does not name staff but only gives designation (see sample below from one of the 2 pages of your “register”)


In April of this year, NHS Tayside confirmed the following to the Scottish Government:


Ms McLay, I would welcome your thoughts on:

(1) NHS Tayside’s compliance with HDL (2003) 62

(2) Your view as Chief Executive whether NHS Tayside’s “Public Record of Sponsorship” is a complete and accurate record of financial payments made to all employees of NHS Tayside?

I would be grateful if you could provide me with the public link to NHS Tayside’s “Public Record of Sponsorship” for all staff.

Yours sincerely
Dr Peter Gordon

Reblog: NHS Grampian – Update on Register of Interests for all staff, Dr Peter J Gordon

NHS Grampian – Update on Register of Interests for all staff Hole Ousia blog post by @PeterDLROW:

Malcolm Wright
Interim Chief Executive
NHS Grampian

Summerfield House
2 Eday Road

15th December 2014

Dear Malcolm Wright,
In July 2013 I had a most helpful response from Andrew Jackson on behalf of NHS Grampian in terms of my question (that I put to all Scottish NHS Boards) about a publicly accessible Register of Interests for ALL staff.

I have picked out two sentences of this reply that indicate that NHS Grampian had no such Register for all staff and as such was failing to comply with HDL (2003) 62:

“…no such register is maintained and therefore a copy is unable to be provided to you….In all of the circumstances therefore, NHS Grampian is unable to provide a register to meet your requirements.”

NHS Grampian provided an update to the Scottish Government in April 2014. I include it below:


I would be interested in hearing how NHS Grampian are progressing with this, 18 months on from my original FOI enquiry.

As a reminder, I append below, Scottish Government Circular HDL (2003) 62 and what it asks of Chief Executives.

For transparency to be meaningful I would argue that Registers need to be publicly accessible through each NHS Board’s website. NHS Forth Valley are doing this: http://nhsforthvalley.com/publications/policies-and-procedures/

Yours sincerely

Dr Peter J. Gordon



Sunday, 14 December 2014

Reblog: NHS Ayrshire & Arran: Update on Register of Interest for all staff, Dr Peter J Gordon

NHS Ayrshire & Arran: Update on Register of Interest for all staff Hole Ousia blog post by @PeterDLROW

"Subject: Compliance with HDL (2003) 62

Mr John Burns

Chief Executive
Eglinton House
Ailsa Hospital

14th December 2014.

Dear Mr Burns,

In April 2013 I wrote to NHS Ayrshire & Arran about Registers of Interest for ALL staff. In a written reply, dated 31 May 2013, I was told by Ann Catherine Wilson “There are no payments from pharmaceutical companies on the register of interests.” This was stated in relation to a link to Board Members Registers of Interest.
I wrote back to NHS Ayrshire & Arran, pointing out that this Register was for Board members only.

I had a reply on the 11 June 2013 from your organisation:

“Discussions are ongoing to create a register to encompass the whole organisation … we are in the process of updating our Model Publication Scheme to include this register which will be published on our public website.”

A more recent reply to the Scottish Government (letter dated 14 April 2014). Below is the relevant section for NHS Ayrshire and Arran:


I would be most grateful if you could update us on progress made on HDL(2003) 62 and whether you have, as promised “create[d] a register to encompass the whole organisation” that NHS Ayrshire & Arran would “publish on our public website.”

Yours sincerely
Dr Peter J Gordon

(Petitioner for A Sunshine Act/Clause)

*Appended below is HDL(2003) 62 and what the Scottish Government asked of Chief Executives."


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Reblog: Dr David Healy 'Persecution: Professional SUI Cide' 8 Dec 14

Dr David Healy blog post 8 December 2014: 'Persecution: Professional SUI Cide

"This is the Fourteenth in the Persecution Series, after The Persecution of Heretics, The Persecution of Vulnerable Adults, Harassment from the BBC to GMC, Harassment from Rolf Harris to James Coyne to Doctor WhoPersecution: Black Riders in the Shire  & Persecution: Rumbles from Mordor, and eight in the SUI Cide Series SUI Cide in Betsi, SUI Cide Trick or Treat , The SUI Cide Note & SUI Cide or HomicideSUI Cide in the OK Corral. SUI Cide & Peace in our Time, The SUI Cide Apparatus.  A new subseries, the Pharma series begins next week."

"For some of us, the magic of boarding an Alaskan Airlines flight from Anchorage to Atlanta with 200 other people and all their baggage, or even bigger planes aiming at crossing 12000 miles of Pacific Ocean, and finding that the thing actually lifts off the ground never fades.

Any sane thinking person should be reduced to a state of gibbering panic for the duration of the flight, but most of us put our trust in the woman at the controls and in the fact that if we don’t get there she won’t.  If she had significant concerns she wouldn’t now be taking off.  While aviation safety systems aren’t perfect, if the near misses or other glitches she and her colleagues report aren’t taken care of, no one gets anywhere until the problem is sorted because she won’t fly."


"Almost by definition then a good doctor has to be someone who knows when not to poison or mutilate or someone who, when things go wrong, can quickly respond with “what do you know, we gave you a poison and you’ve been poisoned, let’s see if between us we can work out where to go from here”."

"Psychiatry is the Sister who has got to the Ball first time after time and got her man.  But this time the Prince seems completely uninterested.  The options – suicide with a glass sliver or turn into an Ugly Sister?

If not one of these two options, psychiatry has to achieve another first.  Its task is not, as the current President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Britain would have it, to get more psychiatry to people. Its task is to get to a position where people recognizing a real benefit might in a truly voluntary manner seek out psychiatric input.  It has to find if there is anything about it, other than its police function, that can’t be provided by a good primary care generalist or a psychotherapist. It has to find true love."

"We don’t want every psychiatrist to go down with the ship and retire from practice or commit suicide if a patient commits suicide or to take into their care the patient with an autistic spectrum disorder born to a mother he has put on an antidepressant while pregnant, but we don’t want Korean ship captains either ..."

Read complete blog post

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Reblog: 'Seeking Transparency' Dr Peter J Gordon #HoleOusia

Reblog: 'Seeking Transparency' by Dr Peter J Gordon @PeterDLROW #HoleOusia

"Over a year has passed since I had an uncomfortable experience at work through trying to encourage transparency regarding pharmaceutical sponsored medical education.

Over that period of time, despite wider discussion, I am not sure that very much progress has been made, and for this reason I think it would be helpful to share my experience.

I have for several years now collected examples of sponsored medical education across the UK. This was my individual effort to aid general transparency.  The pinterest board automatically generates a tweet of new posts.

The following sponsored education was circulated in August 2013 by a senior medical manager of NHS Forth Valley to medical staff. I posted the flyer on the pinterest board as I have done with all other examples of sponsored medical education that came my way."

ADHD Academy as cascaded by AMD, Dr Rhona Morrison, Aug 2013
"A few weeks later I received  a letter from the senior medical manager concerned that formally expressed concerns that my “behaviour” had been “offensive and unprofessional”. This letter was also sent to more Senior Managers and as a result I was summoned to a meeting and encouraged to “reflect on my behaviour”.

I shared my unpleasant experience with a friend at the time, who remarked “Can a person be disciplined for taking an ethical position in the interest of the public/patients good?”

I have reflected at length about my experience. I remain puzzled by the degree of defensiveness generated simply by recording sponsored medical education. I am also disappointed in how unwelcome my efforts to achieve transparency have seemed to be to my colleagues."