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Reblog: Dr David Healy 'Persecution: Professional SUI Cide' 8 Dec 14

Dr David Healy blog post 8 December 2014: 'Persecution: Professional SUI Cide

"This is the Fourteenth in the Persecution Series, after The Persecution of Heretics, The Persecution of Vulnerable Adults, Harassment from the BBC to GMC, Harassment from Rolf Harris to James Coyne to Doctor WhoPersecution: Black Riders in the Shire  & Persecution: Rumbles from Mordor, and eight in the SUI Cide Series SUI Cide in Betsi, SUI Cide Trick or Treat , The SUI Cide Note & SUI Cide or HomicideSUI Cide in the OK Corral. SUI Cide & Peace in our Time, The SUI Cide Apparatus.  A new subseries, the Pharma series begins next week."

"For some of us, the magic of boarding an Alaskan Airlines flight from Anchorage to Atlanta with 200 other people and all their baggage, or even bigger planes aiming at crossing 12000 miles of Pacific Ocean, and finding that the thing actually lifts off the ground never fades.

Any sane thinking person should be reduced to a state of gibbering panic for the duration of the flight, but most of us put our trust in the woman at the controls and in the fact that if we don’t get there she won’t.  If she had significant concerns she wouldn’t now be taking off.  While aviation safety systems aren’t perfect, if the near misses or other glitches she and her colleagues report aren’t taken care of, no one gets anywhere until the problem is sorted because she won’t fly."


"Almost by definition then a good doctor has to be someone who knows when not to poison or mutilate or someone who, when things go wrong, can quickly respond with “what do you know, we gave you a poison and you’ve been poisoned, let’s see if between us we can work out where to go from here”."

"Psychiatry is the Sister who has got to the Ball first time after time and got her man.  But this time the Prince seems completely uninterested.  The options – suicide with a glass sliver or turn into an Ugly Sister?

If not one of these two options, psychiatry has to achieve another first.  Its task is not, as the current President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Britain would have it, to get more psychiatry to people. Its task is to get to a position where people recognizing a real benefit might in a truly voluntary manner seek out psychiatric input.  It has to find if there is anything about it, other than its police function, that can’t be provided by a good primary care generalist or a psychotherapist. It has to find true love."

"We don’t want every psychiatrist to go down with the ship and retire from practice or commit suicide if a patient commits suicide or to take into their care the patient with an autistic spectrum disorder born to a mother he has put on an antidepressant while pregnant, but we don’t want Korean ship captains either ..."

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