Saturday, 21 February 2015

'Open and transparent' Omphalos film #SunshineAct for Scotland

Open and transparent from omphalos 

Dr Peter J Gordon: "I have petitioned the Scottish parliament to urge the Scottish Government to introduce a Sunshine Act for Scotland, creating a searchable record of all payments (including payments in kind) to NHS Scotland healthcare workers from Industry and Commerce.

All details can be found here from the Scottish Parliament:

Further details from my website, Hole Ousia can be found here:

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry have recently introduced a "Central Platform" to record payments to healthcare workers. Unfortunately there is an OPT-OUT so it may not provide the transparency that I believe we require when it comes to financial conflicts of interest."

(1) Radio Scotland, Wednesday 18th February 2015 "Good Morning Scotland"
(2) "Piggy in the Middle" by Belle & Sebastian for BBC Scotland

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