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A Guide to Minimal Use of Neuroleptics: Why and How: Volkmar Aderhold, Peter Stastny @Mad_In_America

'A Guide to Minimal Use of Neuroleptics: Why and How' by Volkmar Aderhold MD & Peter Stastny MD, June 2015, on Mad in America:

"This new MIA publication, by German psychiatrist Volkmar Aderhold and American psychiatrist Peter Stastny, provides a thorough, evidence-based rationale for rethinking the prescribing of antipsychotics. The PDF may be downloaded for free."

[Authors’ affiliation: Volkmar Aderhold, Institute for Social Psychiatry at the University of
Greifswald, Germany. Peter Stastny: Department of Epidemiology, Columbia University, New


In preparing this review, we are hoping that it will encourage people to become actively engaged with the use of neuroleptics in the treatment of individuals experiencing psychotic symptoms. Overall, it represents a critical discourse concerning the use of these medications and their indications, as well as any problems associated with them.  These perspectives are embedded in a scientific context to emphasize that this is not an ideological discussion, but rather an attempt to promote scientifically founded decisions on the behalf of clients. Consequently, a key portion of this contribution addresses the issue of “What to do?” Responding to patients’ needs means finding ways of utilizing these medications that offer the greatest benefits, with the fewest possible unwanted effects, for individuals experiencing psychoses. In addition, it deals with the ways in which neuroleptics can be most effectively and reasonably combined with other interventions. The aim of treatment is always to keep patients’ well being in mind.

Since we hope that the readership of this review will include lay readers as well as those considered “experts” or “methodologists,” we have chosen to define many technical terms in the text. We have provided references for the scientific material that is being citied, with a full listing of references at the end of the text. ..."

page 102
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